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These fun, dynamic group classes are designed to introduce children between ages six and 12 years to the joy of Art/music in a relaxed environment. Although primarily it’s a Harmonium, Singing, Keyboard, class, students also participate in musical games, singing, rhythm movement, and playing percussion instruments to assist in their understanding of the fundamentals of music. Students are encouraged to sing and play together as a class, and also individually to improve self-esteem and confidence. Art children will be encouraged for scribbling, cutting, moulding, colouring with pencil colours, water paints or Acrylic paints etc

Why begin Art/Music at early young age?
Research has shown that formal art/music tuition is most beneficial from a young age. Playing the Harmonium or Keyboard helps your child develop their aural skills, which contributes to development of other musical skills. Around 70 to 80 per cent of aural skills are acquired at a young age as the same way children can learn languages. Music is a language.

Why Harmonium or Keyboard as a starting instrument?
Harmonium/Keyboard is the easiest instrument for children to learn at a young age with limited fine motor skills and hand strength. Other instruments, for example the violin, Guitar, are often too difficult. Playing Harmonium/.Keyboard will develop skills of focusing and multitasking. The Harmonium/Keyboard makes learning (to read music) easier as the notes in the music relate directly to keys on the Keyboard or Harmonium. Harmonium/Keyboard instruments have fixed pitch, which means the student doesn’t need to tune their instrument before playing it (unlike other instruments such as violin, cello, guitar, drums).

Why group lessons?
Studies have shown that, in general, children under the age of eight learn best in social, group environments. Private music lessons for young children is often too demanding, and not dynamic enough to keep their interest. Also, young children often lack the attention skills necessary for a thirty minute class. There are many reasons why our group lessons are so successful:

  • Singing as a group develops listening and aural skills.
  • Motivation from peers helps to achieve goals.
  • The ability to play along with others reduces pressure on individuals.
  • Confidence is achieved by students performing solos when they are ready.

What instrument do I need at home?
Any keyboard with full size keys and at least five octaves is all that is needed for the beginners. Touch sensitive keyboards ( keyboards that can play soft and loud) are preferred but not necessary. Any Harmonium with three Saptaks (octaves. In total atleast 22 keys) should be fine for beginners.


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