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Raas – Garba,Lagna Geet ,Antakshri , filmi Songs

This group is Professionally well managed and have International talented artist for Musical Orchestra, Gujarati Lagna Geet, Antakshri as well as Hindi film songs.

Swashraya Musical Group is back born by Dhyani Shah (Visharad) since1995. This Group is specialised in Garba, Dandia Raas, Lagna Geet,Bhajan, Shradhanjali. This Group has talented and experienced Artists. Most Artists are performing International standards for last 15+ years. Dhyani has given no of live band performance of Raas Garba,Lagna Geet, Bhajans, Navratri Events in various parts of Gujarat (India), Auckland (New Zealand) and Perth (Australia). Swashraya Musical Group also promotes young talented artist to develop their career in Music.

(Music Classes)
Instrumental Classes like
Harmonium, KEYBOARD Etc.
Vocal (Classical, light, Folk & Film Songs)


Our Mission

Is to foster and build in plenty of opportunities for our Art and Music lovers to gain confidence and expertise.  Confidence is built one step at a time as their success is shared with others in the regular small class concerts every few weeks.

Our Vision

Is to fosters musical talent to all age groups which will help them making new friends, getting a full brain-body workout,accelerating language, math & literacy skills,developing school readiness nurturing creativity and self-expression, increasing self-esteem and confidence … all skills that will last a lifetime.

Our Expectation

To provide you with best result of your goal, along with our best efforts of providing you with all esteem facilities and techniques, we do expect three “P” (Patience, Passion and Practice) from you. Without these three P from you we wouldn’t be able to help you achieve your goal. We would benefit you to gain experience of constants effort to achieve a best result.

Our Philosophy

A love of music and Art is universal; from Birth to Death, any age group can enjoy Listening, Singing and Playing Music or being creative by scribbling on paper, fabric, glass, walls or canvas or giving shape to the waste and make them best. Every single person has got some hidden talent in themselves, which needs to be rectified and exposed. You or Your child might not be the next Mozart, Lata, RD Barman, or Picasa but everyone can learn art and musical skills and benefit from them. Art develops your power of Sense and vision. And Music uses both sides of the brain and is therefore valuable for development in all areas – academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Love of Art and Music is a friend, which is always there for you, never let you feel alone.

Few Benefits of Art & Music

  • Academically : Musical principle trains the brain for higher sorts of thinking and completely complements gaining knowledge of skills and capability.
  • Physically : Playing instruments and keeping rhythm develops co-ordination and muscle control. Singing develops breathe control. Scribbling develops your power of Logic and Vision, colouring develop feelings in oneself and creativity will generate your power of thinking and positivity.
  • Emotional: Drawing, Painting and Music is an art form, through which we can express ourselves. We all need artistic, emotional outlets.
  • Life : Music is a gift you can give that will last a lifetime.

Extra at Swashraya Musical

Swashraya Musical provides an Option of taking you to the Journey of learning performance Based Indian Music, both Sugam and Classical comprehensive lessons in either Western Methods or in Uttar Hindustani way, as per your choice. Or taking you to the journey of Art and craft lessons or Language lessons for Gujarati/Hindi Languages during school terms and School holiday breaks.

Swashraya Music Classes

We have talented and very experienced instructors who teach Tabla,Key board , Harmonium , Dhol  and other instruments.


Dhyani Shah

Dhyani Shah

Swashraya Musical