The Kids Course (for 09mnts – 5 yrs) respects and supports individual learning styles, development levels and temperaments. This course provide children with an exciting introduction to the world of Art/ music.  Designed to engender a love of Art/music, this program aims to encourage the joy of play in music/scribbling regardless of ability or experience.

Come join our community of families in sharing songs, instrument play, rhythmic rhymes and movement activities/scribbling, creativity, in a relaxed, non-performance oriented setting.
This course provide children with an exciting introduction to the world of Art and music.

These classes allow children to express themselves through music in a secure early learning environment. Along with the musical knowledge they acquire they also learn to socialise with their peers, develop their fine and gross motor skills, and enjoy sharing a love of music with their loved ones.

The program aims to develop the fundamentals of Art/music, such as rhythm, pitch and aural skills, Hand and wrist movement, holding grip, colour identification, and also teach some basic theory knowledge. Each class combines the following activities in order to teach or enhance a musical skill:

  • Singing to encourage pitch.
  • Percussion to develop rhythmic skills
  • Action and movement for gross and fine motor skills
  • Music appreciation by listening
  • Colouring and drawing to learn basic music theory
  • Dances to develop friendships and social skills
  • Musical games for knowledge and understanding

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