The dhol is a twofold sided barrel drum played generally as a going with instrument in provincial music shapes. In qawwali music, the term dhol is utilized to portray a comparative, yet littler drum utilized with the littler tabla, as a substitution for the left hand tabla drum. The ordinary sizes of the drum differ marginally from area to district. In Punjab, the dhol stays vast and cumbersome to deliver the favored noisy bass.
In different areas, dhols can be found in shifting shapes and sizes and made with various woods and materials (fiberglass, steel, plastic). The drum comprises of a wooden barrel with creature stow away or manufactured skin extended over its open finishes,covering them totally.
These skins can be extended or extricated with a fixing component comprised of either entwined ropes, or stray pieces. Fixing or slackening the skins inconspicuously modifies the pitch of the drum sound.
The extended skin on one of the finishes is thicker and produces a profound,low recurrence (higher bass) sound and the other more slender one creates a higher recurrence sound. Dhols with manufactured, or plastic, treble skins are normal.



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