Welcome toSwashraya

Music, Art Culture and Entertainment
  • A vibrant community environment where children and adults along with their caregivers or on their own come to share, play, learn and connect through joyful music making, creative art and craft working or to learn Gujarati / Hindi languages.
  • Watch your child’s eyes sparkle and shine as they twirl, clap, sing, play and giggle through their favourite 30 minutes of the week.
  • Experience some special feeling of satisfaction in your heart and in your eyes on fulfilling dreams to do something for yourself or your loved ones which you loved it but didn’t have chance to fulfill it.
  • Our classes will motivate and inspire you to extend music beyond the classroom walls, bringing joy, confidence and ease into your day to day routine.
  • You will discover a child as well as adult centered learning environment, where both children and adults are given time to learn, create and GROW at their own pace, and in their own unique way.
  • Life is fleeting, it’s never late to do something that we love it, enjoy it and may also have dreamed for it, so let’s do something that create memories that are priceless.
  • 20% of children learn to play a musical instrument. 70% of adults wish they had.
  • Inspiring, Dhyani started Music lessons for children 9 months to adult including senior citizens along with cheering and promoting emerging and renowned local artists and bringing our communities together through our Mid-Year performances.